Yoga Therapy for RMT’s for 7 CEC credits

Course Outline for Yoga Therapy for RMT’s

Yoga Therapy for RMT’s  (YT for RMT’s), is a one day (7 CEC-PE) course designed for RMT’s to experience the benefits of Yoga Therapy, AND learn basic tools for applying Yoga Therapy in the RMT setting.
YT for RMT’s is a recovery based practical course-  This practice centers around the nervous system and is specifically designed to target the PNS response in the body.
RMT’s will experience a recovery based class and a Yoga Nidra practice.  Yoga Nidra is Deep yogic sleep, a practice that supports the inherent healing mechanisms in the body.
RMT’s will become familiar with the guiding principles of Yoga Therapy, and how they can be applied in the clinical setting.

Yoga Therapy is the specific application of yoga by instructors who have advanced training in anatomy and physiology, trauma, injury and supportive recovery.   It differs from other forms of yoga because it is focused on the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client, is usually offered in a one on one environment, and includes an extensive health history intake prior to treatment.
Yoga Therapy can help people heal from injury and support recovery from illness, provides clients with education and practical tools that they can use in their everyday lives.

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Yoga Therapy for RMT’s in Duncan and the Cowichan Valley